Certified children’s Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Mary Diamond has extensive experience in the children’s industry as a performing artist as well as a yoga and dance teacher.

She is a mother of 3 girls and has first hand experience with children as well!

She is well known as Fairy Mary in the entertainment industry and you can see more of her at play through her website: http://www.fairymary.com.au.

In Mary’s classes in childcare and kindergarten, children will experience Yoga and Mindfulness by focusing on fun and connection, giving them permission
to be self expressed in a relaxed and safe environment, a place in which they are familiar.

Yoga postures are introduced using storytelling and imaginative play for outer strength and relaxation and mindfulness techniques are also included for inner strength.

Kids as young as 18 months can benefit from “Yoga Play” as we go through small and simple postures using toys and puppets of different animals, and they can experience relaxation techniques using soft music and soft spoken words.

Kids will leave class feeling happy, calm and confident and with tools to grow inner wings by finding their inner magic.

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