Kindergarten & Childcare

A Caterpillar Kids Yoga visit to your Childcare Centre or Kindergarten is a beautiful way to introduce your centre to the benefits of yoga for children, in a familiar and safe environment.

Regular incursions run either weekly or fortnightly and are a great addition to the Victorian Pre-School curriculum.

Each session is focussed on fun and creative play, so the children feel comfortable and happy. Calming techniques are included, giving children the tools to overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with being a kid.

Teaching Yoga Postures through storytelling and creative play, Caterpillar Kids Yoga does not use any traditional yoga terminology or practices so children of all cultural and religious backgrounds can be included.

The children are gently taken on journeys of feelings and emotions, using familiar stories and themes that have already been introduced to them in the classroom.

Mary is a mother of three girls and has a warm and approachable personality. Children are drawn to her and feel comfortable and relaxed with her very quickly.

Call 0408488665 if you are interested in a trial visit.



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